While my [B]OLDER podcast is on hiatus (back later this fall), I’m writing about [B]OLD AGE, aka growing old.

As you may know, I focus on the topic of old age and “making the most of growing older” in the [B]OLDER podcast but not from a personal perspective per se. So these essays are a little different.

And a bit of an experiment. I haven’t written personal essays in a while so this is plenty challenging.

I didn’t feel old when I started the podcast five years ago. But now I’m 71 and, to my surprise, I’ve entered the land of the old.

There’s a lot to learn. About mindset, about physical changes, about relationships, about forgiveness and so much more.

The land of the old is a foreign country and there’s so much to understand — both the ordinary and the profound.

Recently, I’ve written about wrinkles and spare tires. And a recent near drowning episode in which I got very close to the line separating life from death — a good spot from which to contemplate mortality.

Lots more coming up, both ordinary and profound.

Oh, and who is Debbie Weil?

I’m a podcaster, writer, author, editor, storytelling director, former reporter, Web pioneer, nonprofit volunteer, wife, mother, grandmother and more. Not necessarily in that order. It’s complicated. Or maybe it isn’t. More about me.

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